Monday, November 12, 2007

The man who had all the answers...

Tucson's own defender of science and rationality Maj. James McGaha has come along again to set us all straight. Repeat after me: "There's not one shred of credible evidence, it's all anecdotal; there's not one shred of credible evidence, it's all anecdotal; there's not one shred of credible evidence, it's all anecdotal." Sounds tedious...and also strangely like an article of faith. Apparently old habits (and ideologies) die hard.

CNN LARRY KING LIVE - UFOS: Are They for Real? Aired November 9, 2007 21:00 ET (Rush transcript)

UFO Discussion Forum
"James McGaha, a noted skeptic, comes on late in the show to totally debunk the Bentwaters testimony, as a result of misinterpretations and improper use of their equipment. What a complete joke.. Penniston and Haut stood their ground and made McGaha look like an absolute moron, imo. Two Larry King shows and both times the skeptical side was shredded."

LARRY KING: Friday’s UFO Show . . . Bang or Bust?
"Initially, I was little perturbed that McGaha would be given the same consideration as these high caliber witnesses; however, as has always been the case with McGaha, he is his own worst enemy! In the aftermath I just found it improbable that any one rational individual would lend him credence.
Unfortunately, for those who are truly interested in the subject of UFOs, yet remain skeptical, and would have liked to have had intelligent questions and or debate for the witnesses, McGaha wasn’t their man! He failed miserably!"

For more information on skeptical crusader Maj. James McGaha:

The Grasslands Observatory
"The Grasslands Observatory is owned by Tim Hunter. The Director of the observatory is James McGaha, who is in charge of the observatory's operations. "

Letter to James McGaha - by Jim Lippard [in which a fellow skeptic fights back. - ed.]

Center of Inquiry
"James McGaha is a retired USAF pilot, astronomer and director of the Grasslands Observatory. He held a TOP SECRET compartmented security clearance and was involved in numerous classified operations including operations in the so-called "Area 51".
His current work includes astrometry and photometry of asteroids and supernovae. He has discovered 15 Asteroids and 43 Comets and has over 1500 M.P.E.C. publications on Near Earth Asteroids.
He is the winner of the 2002 Shoemaker NEO Grant.
James McGaha has actively promoted science and debunked pseudoscience for over 35 years. He was the founder and chairman of the Tucson Skeptics and a Scientific Consultant to CSICOP. He has lectured on and investigated numerous cases of pseudoscience around the world. His skeptical views have been presented to the public via numerous television appearances.
After investigating pseudoscientific phenomena for over 35 years James McGaha has found no evidenced that the supernatural exist. He remains skeptical."

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