Monday, September 27, 2010 UN 'to appoint space ambassador to greet alien visitors'

A space ambassador could be appointed by the United Nations to act as the first point of contact for aliens trying to communicate with Earth.

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kallo said...

Kallo Hill
I am again happy to share ,I am to tell the people to believe me,quote of ETs said they will not believe you,quote I said I will get them to believe 44 years of trying and exhausted ,they still will say I told you so , these ETs appointed me as mediator when we are ready for acceptance,quote I said on next contact I will let you know we accept you,quote ETs said no we will tell you when the people accept us, so I do have contact face to face and this truth is for all of you big and small that ETs can be contacted by me and also time has shown me I am alone on earth of this matter of introducing,for the people are not ready yet once the people accept the show down starts ,I was also given many respects for being brave to help. I have no friends people in my time think I am crazy ,I am to carry as a go-in-between person exsample deales to and from, from and to earth and homebase ,I feel that 60% iare ready yet people have a fear to the greys,these ETs are not greys yet human kind and respectful and kind,these human kind are white and speak english, they taught me about them and craft,travel,speed,how it is powered,their homebase ,their GOD and more, there is no end to them or I for I am accepted as to go to homebase and their home planet ,which I have another life time to teach,I will purpose student exchange once accepted by the people to help you know them fully,they will help the people and planet . I truely believe in them for I have had on hand teaching by them,GOD allow me and also my wittness,we will need them to help yet people really never hear of these as I watch the greys popluate and I do not know greys yet I can ask and know their race, what I know and to come is not strange for human concept yet I try. All of you I have watched from 1967 grow from nothing public to 40,000 + org to NASA,seti,mufon,all around the globe of most life and my story or one alike has never been told yet yes I am me and the truth will stay the same yet my life is exhausted ,broke,and many times homeless for who represent,thee days still with proof beyound the shallow of a doubt,facts evidence,contact and future the truth goes on and on the book if releast only chapter 1 each book a chapter to each contact and so on to the history of man kind and there after there are more races and these I trust yet its the peoples turn to know them for I am true.I see many years ahead for the people delay. In GOD I trust. This is your link for you may invite investiagetion ,spam it ,send it all over the world or rewrite and claim ,I have the deep inside to releast to United Nations and more deeper for people to know,yet I have no protection.