Friday, June 8, 2007

"The next thing of true and new significance..."

In April of 2006 I emailed Mark B. Woodhouse, Associate Professor of Philosophy Emeritus at Georgia State University in Atlanta and author of the great book I constantly tout, Paradigm Wars: Worldviews for a New Age (1996), and asked him if he would let me post on one of my websites his comprehensive and intellectually rigorous survey "New Dawn Rising: Formal Extraterrestrial Contact." Here is his reply (and although it's dated, it's still "news that stays news"):

"I am afraid I must decline the offer to get my New Dawn Rising piece re-broadcasted, so to speak. In part, I accidentally deleted my most up to date version from March of this year -- quite a bit changed from 2004! -- but more to the point, I took it down because I think it really had served whatever usefulness it was going to. If I still had it up, I would say "Fine, append it somewhere else, too!" In the background of my remarks here is the belief that so much UFO discussion these days is still devoted to evidence they exist, cover-ups, disinformation, lastest breakthroughs (or claims to that effect) in the "proof" they are really around, philosophical debates about abduction agendas, etc., and I am of a mind to set most of all that aside (as useful as it may be in consciousness raising) and simply declare that the next thing of true and new significance will be announcements that Contact is imminent."

See also:
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- By poking around on the Internet Archive Wayback Machine I was able to discover a link to Dr. Woodhouse's last updated version of his posting, from 03/05/2006, click
here. As for the mysterious question marks...who knows???

Paradigm Wars: Worldviews for a New Age

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