Monday, May 21, 2007

The gathering of the Lost Tribes of Loman...

Ted Loman and company...
Taken after Jim Rodger's The Cutting Edge reunion show (featuring Ted Loman, Peggy Kane and Jim Nichols of UFOAZ and Off the Record fame) , Access Tucson studios, at The Village Inn restaurant, 4245 East Speedway Blvd. (Saturday May 19th, 2007)

Photographs (C) Charla Gene, who writes:

"Hi All,

These pictures are being sent to all of you seen here. I couldn’t get everybody! It was great fun and fantastic memories.

All The Best!


Former co-host of UFOAZ and Off the Record, Jim Nichols (see also Jim Nichols UFO Art) with UFO webmaster Rick Keefe.

Practicing the farther reaches of free speech: Interfusion Publishing and T.S. Minton Blogs founder Steve Minton and UFOAZ/Off the Record founder Ted Loman.

Ted Loman: Lost in thought...or space.

Cutting Edge director Jesse Kaiser (right).

T.S. Minton telling a funny to Ted Loman: I was explaining a cartoon I'm producing, in which a skeptical scientist has his head stuck in his rear-end, and exclaims: "I can't find any UFOS here! There's not one shred of evidence!" Maybe if he changed his focus...

Ted and Camille James Harman, see Jeff Harman Astrological Consulting: Vedic, Kabbalah, Horary, Electional, Astro-location, Vedic Prescription Gems.

Cutting Edge co-host Kyle Dayton.

Former Off the Record director Nick Wyatt.

From the right: Yours truly (with his first visible touch of gray); artist/researcher/former UFOAZ and Off the Record co-host Peggy Kane; and Jim Rodger: former director of Off the Record and founder of The Cutting Edge.

Two old-timers who keep on tickin': International photographer, researcher and T.S. Minton Blogs editorial consultant John Henry with Ted Loman...

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